AnimeFEST 2010 Report

We had a great time at AnimeFEST! We met some great people and had lots of fun with our friends.

They had some awesome Japanese guests this year: Kazuyoshi Katayama (King of Thorns, Big O), Dai Sato (Samurai Champloo, Ghost in the Shell), and the members of Nirgilis (D Gray Man, Eureka 7). We went to their panels and met them all personally through a friend. They were very friendly!

We had a lot of people come check us out at the booth. As was expected, most people were not familiar with visual novels, and those who were associated them with “gal games”. We’re working on finding the best way to educate people about the medium… and it’s pretty hard. But we’re getting better all the time!

Sakevisual had some very cool items on sale! In addition to games, they had plushies, buttons, artbooks, art prints, and more! I purchased a RE: Alistair artbook myself. They also ran an excellent panel on creating visual novels. It was captured on video! (with my terrible videotaping skills >.>)

If you haven’t already, check out their games. They’re quickly becoming a main staple of the OELVN world and for good reason!

We were stuck at the booth most of the time, but we did manage to take a few photos! They’re available on our Flickr.

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