I got a scary warning page from bit.ly when I clicked a link! What happened??

For some reason, bit.ly thinks some of the URLs have been shortened more than once when they have not, and so it gives you the warning page. If you run in to a link that does that, please email support (at) games.sayuristudios.com and tell us which link is doing it so we can fix it. Thanks!

Are all the games on this site made by Sayuri Studios?

While some of Sayuri Studios staff may have been part of production, all games on the site are produced by other studios.

What conventions will you be attending?

Our convention schedule is available on our About Us page and in the sidebar.

I missed you at the con, can I still purchase physical product / merchandise?

We consider the physical product we sell to be con exclusives and as such do not offer physical product to be bought online.