Jisei: The First Case

Genre: Supernatural/Mystery
Publisher: sakevisual

Ages 13+

Graded “B+” on Mania.com!

System Requirements:
Win 2000/XP/VISTA, CPU 1.2 Ghz – 256 MB RAM
Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, Intel and Power PC Macs
Linux x86 or compatible processor

A young teenager with no name and no home has the unique ability to relive the death of any corpse that he touches. When he stumbles upon a dead woman, he’s immediately branded as the primary suspect in a murder investigation. Step into his shoes and search for clues, interrogate witnesses, and find the true murderer. Even with your extra abilities, it will still take solid facts and logic to prove your innocence!
Purchase Game $15: PC MAC Linux Demo: PC MAC Linux

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