Vera Blanc: Full Moon

Gernre: Mystery/Detective
: Winter Wolves

System Requirements:
Win 2000/XP/VISTA, CPU 1.2 Ghz – 256 MB RAM
Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, Intel and Power PC Macs
Linux x86 or compatible processor

Vera Blanc: Ghost in the Castle is out!
Purchase both and receive a discount!

Purchase Game: PC MAC Linux Demo: PC MAC Linux

Take on the role of Vera Blanc, a young and beautiful woman with an extraordinary power: the ability to read other people’s minds! Daughter of Emmanuel Blanc, one of the richest people on Earth, she left her life of luxury to use her powers to work alongside paranormal detective Brandon Mackey. In this first episode, our heroine travels to a mysterious town in Germany deep in the Black Forest.

A serial killer is on the loose, and all leads point to a werewolf as the culprit! The game plays like a visual novel / adventure game with several different paths to solve the mystery, and a collection of challenging minigames. Featuring innovative comic-style art, with over 200 unique panels, Vera Blanc immerses you in a the world of the supernatural as you play the detective! Will you be able to solve the mystery?

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