What is a Visual Novel?

A visual novel is a novel in the form of a game featuring graphics, sounds, and music. In their basic form, they are kinetic novels where the player has little or no interaction with the story (Higurashi). In an adventure style game, the player makes choices during the course of the game that affect the story, much like a “choose your own adventure”” book. The adventure style game is the most common.

Many things can be done with the visual novel medium. The inclusion of statistic raising can create simulator type games, like dating sims (Shuffle!, Princess Debut) or raising sims (Princess Maker, The Idolmaster). A battle system can create RPG type games (Sakura Wars, Piece of Wonder). All kinds of things can be added to this structure to create amazing games!

All the games we carry are built around the visual novel structure. It is a fun and interactive way to tell your story, and we encourage you to make your own novel!

Visual Novel Creation Resources